Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sisters, Oregon Quilt Block Challenge

I entered the Sisters (Oregon) quilt block challenge last year (2012) and was chosen as one of the 5 winning blocks. See here and scroll down to the Contests & Special Exhibits section. My block is the sea turtle. I received 21 blocks plus my own block back and made a quilt, which will be hanging in the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show this Saturday July 13th. I won't be attending the show this year, but at least my quilt will be there. So if you happen to get to the show be sure and see my quilt, which will be hanging in the Special Exhibit section where this year's quilt blocks will be displayed.

I also will have my 2013 block somewhere on the display board amongst the hundreds of other blocks that will be there. I just found out yesterday that my 2013 block was a winner! Yippee!! Apparently this year the top blocks had a few votes that were tied, so instead of pairing them down to just 5 winners, they allowed those who tied for whatever place, to win blocks as well. That just means that I will be receiving fewer blocks this time, which is okay by me. I still will be receiving extra fabric to make a quilt and if I want more blocks too.
This is the quilt I made from my winning block (the Sea Turtle in the center of the quilt) and the other quilt blocks that I received. I added some more smaller sea turtles to the quilt so that it looked like they were swimming around the quilt. I named this quilt Swimming Sea Turtles. 
I also added a few applique flowers, embroidery stitches , buttons and silk-like flowers to some of the plainer blocks.

This is the label I made for the back of the quilt. I included the names of the block makers and where they are from.
These were the 5 fabric that I received for the 2013 Quilt Block Contest. I got the blue colorway and some people received the green colorway. Fabrics are donated every year from Westminster Fabrics.
This is my winning quilt block entry for this year (2013) contest. You must use only the fabrics given , but you can embellish the block any way you want to. I added buttons, embroidery stitches and sequins.
French knots that I added to the center.

My winning quilt block for 2013! I actually took this photo before I added the blue sequins. See the first photo above of the block showing where I added the blue sequins. 

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  1. First off Congratulations on winning the 2013 block and OMG! it's beautiful, I LOVE the colors on it and I can see why it was a winner!!! Your Oregon Sisters Quilt is also beautiful:) Congrats once again!!!

  2. Congratulations ... your beautiful work!

  3. Congratulations on both wins!!!!!
    WOW they are both just beautiful! There just aren't words to descibe how awesome your designs and workmanship is!

  4. Great job on both the 2013 block and on the Sea Turtle finish quilt. You are very talented.

  5. Congrats! They are both very nice, I can see how you were a winner in both of these challenges.

  6. I am in charge of this contest and what Daryl is too modest to say is that there were 167 block entries this year including many from Japan that were very detailed, and many from other past winners, and hers finished in the top 5. And the quilt she made from last year's blocks is outstanding!!

  7. Congratulations!!!!!! your winning block for 2013 is beautiful. I remember the when you posted about the turtle block and it looks even more beautiful now that its been added to the rest. Congratulations again.

  8. I am so inspired! CONGRATS and thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Another beautiful Sisters block quilt! Now I know I've got to get to this show someday! Thanks for sharing these at Val's!


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