Friday, July 5, 2013

From the Garden

I was looking at how pretty the dill looked in the garden a few days ago and took some photos of the dill and a few other plants.
This flower is a Moss Rose which is about to open. The Moss Roses love the heat and only open when it's hot enough, and it's been very hot here lately in the 100's! The plant in front is either a sage or a cat mint, they both look so similar and we have both growing in the garden.
I love dill and it's lacy look. 

Honeysuckle is not only pretty, but it smells so good too!
Our first crookneck squash and doesn't  it look just like a yellow duck? It wouldn't stand up on it's own so I had to prop it up for the photo.
I love the dill scent as well as it's pretty lacy quality.
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  1. LOLLLL I was just thinking yellow duck before I read below your picture. I too have things growing in the garden and it can be amusing the shapes they turn into.

  2. yes it does look like a duck, how funny !...I'll have to be more observant in my garden !

  3. OMG! love that duck squash LOL!!! I LOVE dill too and I didn't get to plant any but I have to get with it since I started to juice and I really need to get organized to start planting my own veggies:) I hope you had a wonderful 4ht of July with your family:) I'm off to see what fabulous projects I've missed. Have a wonderful rest of your Monday!!!

  4. That is what i thought, if it looks like a duck it must be.....great pics..amazing how differnt our gardens look around our planet


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