Friday, July 19, 2013

Quilted Trivet Covers

MooseStash Quilting has a tutorial on how to make a quilted trivet cover using a 6" square ceramic tile inside the cover. You can use any applique or your own designs to applique on the front. You can also make a pieced quilt block if you want to instead of doing an applique block. Here are the trivet covers that I made~
I appliqued a teapot onto a fabric that I had stenciled pink flowers on. Since my teapot was a bit larger than the background fabric, I added the border first and let the teapot spill out a bit onto the border.
This is the back showing the flap where the ceramic tile goes inside the cover.
Again, I added the border and then let the heart spill onto the border.
I used the same stencil that I painted the pink flowers on the teapot  background above, but used several colors of paint for this one. Then I sewed on 4 different fabrics for the border.
A paisley on more stenciled background fabric.
Don't you miss those old telephones? I actually used a scrap of quilted fabric leftover from quilting a bag for the telephone here.
Moon and stars.
A teapot. The handle is a scrap of  fabric that I painted with metallic paint.
I wanted to experiment by fusing some hexagons onto a muslin foundation and then stitching them down instead of hand sewing the hexagons together. For something small like this it worked out okay, but it would be too hard to keep the hexagons aligned on anything larger.
Closer look at the hexagons and stitching.
Bird on a branch. Now why does the border on the bottom left look crooked? 
Bird close-up.
Flower with a heart center appliqued onto a background of 3 fabric scraps that were already pieced together. Nearly all the fabrics I used for all of these trivets came out of my scrap bag.
This was going to be another trivet, but I goofed by cutting the border fabric a hair too small. I might use this for something else instead.
Closer look at heart.
I pieced the background fabric because I wanted to use scraps and didn't have enough of the lighter blue fabric.
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  1. All excellent! Now you seem to have quite a few!

  2. My goodness girl!! You did get busy and have a ball making all those wonderful trivet covers, didn't you? Love them all!!!

  3. Hi Daryl...these trivet covers are beautiful!!! I love the idea of putting a simple tile inside these like an envelope~ Thank you so much for sharing!!! ♥♥♥ I am going to make some soon~ They would make nice gifts~

  4. You have been super sewing this week ! Very cute ! If I would turn off this computer, I could get some sewing done...huh ? I love all your batiks. You do some fabric dying don't you ?
    I went batik shopping in Abilene today and didn't find many that I couldn't live without.

  5. These are so fabulous. I love your designs, and yes I'm also a fan of the old rotary phone as well. The details are a delight, I love how your applique goes over the border, and of course your stitches are so impressive. Great color choices as well.
    I just got a new counter top in my kitchen and its made out of Formica so I can't put hot things on it, these would be perfect. I need to read that tutorial.
    thanks for sharing

  6. Daryl, I love all your trivet covers. I wish I had your talent to come up with these great appliques. Thanks for the link for the tutorial and thanks for sharing.

  7. They are all so pretty! They will be fun to use.

  8. Great job Daryl!
    You have been busy:)
    Would be great gifts:)

  9. Love all your trivet covers!

  10. Oh my goodness Daryl, what a wonderful idea. I always learn something new when I visit your blog. Your trivet covers are much too pretty to be trivet covers they would look much nicer framed and hung on the wall. Thanks for the link.

  11. Awesome, they are all so adorable!!! You were very busy creating these, I am truly inspired!!!

  12. WOW! Daryl all of these are amazing and beautiful a piece of art:) I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are off to a great week!

  13. Hi Daryl! Wow! What beautiful creations you have done, thanks for the inspiration!I love the color palette you use for your projects, I love all your projects, thank you for the link to the tutorial! I'm catching up on all your post, you've left me speechless and with much inspiration, I can not ask for more!
    Marisa from

  14. Wonderful designs, they are all fabulous.

    Regards diane

  15. They're all beautiful! I want to make some of those tile covers...hopefully, I can in a week or two when I have a little more time to sew.


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