Friday, July 26, 2013

Crocheted Tee-Shirt Rugs

I have been experimenting making rugs using tee-shirts that I cut into strips and make tee-shirt yarn from the knit material. I am a much better knitter than a crocheter, so these are not perfect, but most are colorful and useful. These are all made in double crochet.
Round tee-shirt rug in progress. I crocheted one more round using a charcoal gray "yarn". If you look at the bottom of this photo you can see my crochet hook is still in a loop. 
This was the first round rug I crocheted using a different color for each round. It's a little larger than the rug above.
Closer look at the center of the rug.
My husband gave me about 6 khaki colored shirt he no longer wanted and so I made him this rug. This was the first round rug I ever made. 
My first idea was to make a large oval rug. The larger this rug got though the harder it was to keep the oval shape. Perhaps I needed to start with a longer center? As it started looking more and more round I decided to stop at this size. This was the first oval rug  ever crocheted.
I guess I am not so good when it comes to changing the colors, as you can see the jog where I change the colors. I did learn and got a little better on the last round rug I made (the first photo). My color changes are still not perfect, but they are getting better as I make each rug..
This rug was supposed to be a half circle. It came out as a half hexagon. I followed the instructions as they were written. I later read somewhere that when you stack your increases on top of one another from row-to-row (or round-to-round), that you get straight angles like this. The key is to stagger your increases so they are not stacked if you want a rounded edge. Okay so then why did the instructions for making a half round  tell me to crochet "x" number of stitches and increase and crochet "x" number of stitches and increase and so on to where the increases were being stacked? Actually I rather like the half hexagon shape so I am not complaining. I just wanted to know what I did to cause the shape to change. In fact I might make a couple more of these half hexagons.
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  1. I bet they feel really good on your feet. I have tee shirt material sheets for my bed and I love them. I too am a fan of your hexagon. great job.

  2. I love the idea of using up old t-shirts this way Daryl!!! The rugs look like they are pretty substantial. I have a couple of friends who make rugs like this with strips of fabric, but I'm thinking t-shirt material would hold its shape and color better, plus it would be much more soft and easy on the feet. I just may have to try this technique.... "When?" is the thing I'll have to address first LOL!!! Your half-hexie rug is really, really cute!

  3. These are just plain gorgeous. I still have your knitted rugs in my mind. Won't it be hard to let anyone put a foot on them. They are more for the art than for purpose and practicality of the project. But the half-hexie is unique--anyone can make an oval. :) My husband has enough Tshirts (that he won't part with) to wall-to-wall my house with knitted rugs.

  4. WOW! these are just lovely Daryl and I just love how you can recycle old t-shirts:) How long does it take you to create one rug? These would make great Christmas gifts:)

  5. This is a beautiful project. I'm a big fan of recycling. You always make such pretty things.


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