Saturday, July 13, 2013

Metal Purse Frames...Not all Created the Same

When I made my Tammy Bag for the Tammy Bag blog hop a while back, I sewed on a too large metal purse frame. The bag wouldn't open very wide. So I took the frame off and sewed on a smaller frame and yes it opened nice and wide and looked better on the bag too. See here both the large and smaller frames and how they look. Since I purchased 2 large purse frames at JoAnn Fabrics (the large one has the black ball knobs), I wanted to be able to make a purse they would fit. So I enlarged the Tammy bag a bit and made my Citrus Tammy Bag and a coin purse to match. I sewed the frame to the bag and then I opened it up and waahhhhhhhh, it still doesn't open very wide. I couldn't figure out what I had done wrong at first. Then it dawned on me what it was and this is what I want to share with you: Not all purse frames are created the same so BEWARE when purchasing a purse frame.
These are the 2 metal purse frames I had sewn to the first Tammy Bag I made. The top one was too large for the bag, so I sewed the smaller one to my first Tammy Bag (see link highlighted above).
This is what finally dawned on me. When I opened the frames, you can see not only is one opening rectangular and one is square, but there is a huge difference in how wide the purse can open! The larger purse frame on the left doesn't open that wide. Who knew? These are sold at JoAnn Fabrics and are of course in a plastic bag so you cannot open the purse frame to even see this. There is nothing on the packaging letting you know how wide the opening of the frame is either.
Here is the slightly larger Tammy Bag that I made using the larger purse frame.
This is as wide as this frame will open, making it difficult so see what's inside, and it's also difficult to place items inside or to retrieve them. Perhaps this frame would be better to use on a short flat clutch? I just wish they would have labeled the frame package information telling me this, because had I known, I wouldn't have purchased this frame.
Tammy Bag and matching coin purse.
This is the coin purse and see how wide this one opens up. I think all metal purse frames should open up wide so that you are able to see and place items inside the bag as well as take them out. 

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  1. I had that same thing happen to me by sewing the black knobbed frame on a didn't open very big. It was cute, but not very usable. Great post!

  2. If you look at your picture, the sides of the frame are much shorter on the black knob frame. The other frame has much longer sides. I would measure those sides and make a note of the inches and take a tape measure to the store. You know you don't want any frame with sides less than _______ inches.

  3. Your purses are great. Thanks for the information on the frames.

  4. Live and learn. And what a lesson at that. Thank you as I have not tried to make these bags yet. Now I am in the know.

  5. Thanks for this information Daryl. The Tammy was my first bag to make, now that I know what kind of frame I really need, it won't be my last.

  6. Thanks for the information. And your citrus Tammy is so cute. I love it. Thanks for sharing

  7. Love your new bags. I agree about the frames. It does make a difference.Yours turned out great.

  8. I bought a frame about two years ago and it's still in the plastic bag. Thanks for this useful information. I'll have to check mine out.

  9. wow! i didn't know.. this is so informative! thank you! ^^

  10. I love the larger version of the coin purse although I think its adorable that you have a large and a small matching one.

  11. Thank you for all the info you give us!!!! Yoour frame purse look adorable, I like the colors! As always.... I am impressed with your creations!!!!
    Marisa :)


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