Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Diagonal Lace Scarf

This is the diagonal lace scarf I finished. It's a free pattern online, where you actually get 2 free patterns on one pdf here. Last week I posted a few photos of this scarf as it soaked in hair conditioner before blocking it. So here it is finished. Even though I blocked this scarf twice and I knit a garter stitch edge on all four sides, it still wants to curl in. Oh well I will be wearing it like the last 2 photos anyhow.
It's a long scarf, but I like to be able to wear it several ways.
Here you can see the diagonal lace knitting and the blues and purples of this variegated yarn.
I like the option of wrapping the scarf around a couple of times to give it a different look.
Here it looks like a cowl.
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  1. I'm green with envy. It's beautiful. When I see that colour it cools me down during these hot summer days.

  2. Lovely......looks so soft and cuddly around the neck! I've got to get my knitting needles clicking and finish a scarf that's been on them for a very long time. You have inspired me!

  3. that mannequin is sure coming in handy, the scarf looks great. When my girls were little my youngest loved being naked but would wear only necklaces and boas. seeing your scarf reminds me of that time long ago. I like way the lace looks and the colors remind me of the ocean.

  4. Your scarf looks really soft and cuddly Daryl! I love the colors too. Thanks for the link - I will add this to my winter knitting list. Today I'm going to a knit shop with a friend, and we are going to pick out yarn for the Dreambird shawl - yippee!!

  5. Very pretty scarf. I like the scarf to be long too. Just downloaded the pattern. Thanks for the link.

  6. Beautiful scarf Daryl, I love those long ones since you can use them in many other ways!! Lovely

  7. Just Beautiful!!!!!! Thank you for the link to the tutorial!
    I love your scarf! love your color choice and I also love long scarfs!!!!!!!
    Nice job!!!!!!!
    Marisa form


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