Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Small Zipper Bag with Handles

It's Crafty Bags & Tags week over on the Therm-O-Web Blog. I created this cute little bag using Liquid Vinyl, woven interfacing and soft interfacing on the lining fabric.

Using a fabric with a white background such as this cute bicycle print was the perfect project and fabric to use Liquid Vinyl on. You paint it on, let it dry, add one or two more coats and it makes your fabric water resistant or water proof, (depending the number of coats you use) and any dirt can be wiped away with a damp cloth.

I added a cute bicycle button and some rivets, and of course my beaded zipper pull with a charm.

This is the perfect little craft bag size to hold clips or a sewing kit, etc.

Painting Liquid Vinyl on Bicycle print fabric
Easy to apply Liquid Vinyl with a brush. Paint on one coat let dry and then apply one or two more coats of Liquid Vinyl, letting dry between coats according to the directions.

Use a pressing sheet to press the vinyl fabric once dried.
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  1. what will they think of next? I can't believe all the new products out these days that are so helpful. great idea and nice project, I appreciate your pictures demonstrating how to use it.

  2. This is really wild... I am featuring my own version of this same mini tote in my post this weekend! Love that fabric you chose. but I have to ask given the coincidence - what made you go with this particular small bag as your project versus all of the other ones that you've undoubtedly seen??


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