Saturday, October 30, 2021

Giant Square Scrap Knit Blanket in Sock Yarn

I had lots of leftover bits of sock yarn piling up and so I wanted to knit something to use up all the bits and bobs I had and I found this knit blanket pattern and decided to use up sock yarn by knitting this square mitered blanket. 

The blanket is knit in the round starting in the center and continuing outward until you reach the desired size that you want. Increases are made every other round. I didn't have a long enough circular needle, so I knit this on 2 circular needles like I knit socks using 2 circular needles, which make to easy to knit. But by knitting on 2 circular needles it made it impossible to see how this large this blanket was getting. I would measure it from one corner to the center and double the number I got to visualize how large it was getting, but even so I wasn't quite sure when to stop knitting. The larger the blanket got the more yarn I needed. Some of those outer stripes were nearly a full skein of yarn just to knit about an inch of stripe. This was beginning to defeat the purpose of using up smaller bits of sock yarn. So I decided I would end knitting this blanket when it got to about 50" square.

Most of the sock yarn is a self patterning yarn making strips it other patterns as I knit, I also had a few solid colors of yarn. Since sock weight (also call fingering weight) yarn is so fine and narrow, it took me about 4 months just to knit this and I knit it from 2-4 hours each evening while I watched a movie or show on Netflix or Amazon. I might make another blanket like this in the future, but I will use my worsted weight or heavier yarns to knit it so it knits up quicker is thicker and warmer. While I love the drape the sock yarn has, it's not as warm as a thicker yarn would be.

This blanket is called, Giant Square Scrap Blanket, by Laura Peters. It is a free pattern on Ravelry.
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  1. Yowza! What a tale of knitting and knitting and knitting. Looks wonderful though, despite how a "scrappy" (in terms of yarn) project ended up requiring more than scraps. Curious - do you have the same amount of "yarn stash" as you do fabric?

  2. love the way it came out, it reminds me of quilting because its so scrappy. I also like how this pattern is like a big reveal, since you don't really see what it will look like until its off the needles. knitting fingering yarn is slow going, great job and enjoy


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