Sunday, October 10, 2021

Sew Powerful Purses #88-93 (for 2021)

6 more completed purses for the Sew Powerful Purse Project. Again, the flaps on these were quilt blocks that I added strips to in order to make them large enough to cut out the flap shape. I added some buttons for embellishments on all of them too.

Seven more purses to make and I will have made 100 for this year (2021), which I certainly will achieve. Earlier this year I made 115+ flaps and then cut fabrics for the rest of the purse. It took me over 2 months just cutting out all fabrics and fusing the interfacing. I clipped each purse kit with a large plastic clothespin and stacked the kits into one extra large and 3 large grocery bags. I filled 4 bags full of kits and I am still sewing kits from the extra large bag! My goal is to sew all the purses from that extra large bag by the end of the year. They may not make it to Sew Powerful before the end of the year, but I will know how many I sewed this year. There might be a good number to mail for next year.

Once I get through all of the purse kits, I will cut out only a few at a time to sew. I also want to try the other bag style with the gusset, but still use the beginner flap because I can be more creative with the plainer flap. Then I can compare which I prefer to make. While the boxed corners are easy to sew, the gusset can allow me other design possibilities like sewing a decorative stitch along the gusset, or make a scrappy gusset, match or contrast the gusset fabric. Once I make a gusseted purse, I can see if I have a preference or if I just want to sew a few in each style. It might depend on the fabric amount I have to cut out as to which style I choose?

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  1. Love the flap variations. All sew cute.. 100 for the year. Wow


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