Saturday, May 15, 2021

Urban Adventure Cross Body Bag

Introducing The Urban Adventure Cross Body Bag - a new pattern by ImazzPatterns.
The cross body bag is designed for casual day out or short urban adventures, hence the name. It’s perfect for carrying small personal items especially when you need quick access to your belongings. The front pocket is designed for tiny items so you don’t have to rummage the entire bag. The (optional) card slots in the lining keep cards or coupons. Two sizes are included in the pdf: Medium and Small.
The minimalist design is beginner-friendly and a quick sew too. All pieces are rectangular in shape thus minimizing your cutting time.
The Introductory Price for the pdf is USD 2.99 - for 48 hours, 15 & 16 May 2021 (US time). Normal price is USD 6.99. Grab it now!

I tested the medium size and it measures 10" x 9" high  x 2" deep. (The small version measures 9" wide x 8" high x 2" deep).

I used a Dr. Who fabric that shows the Tardis swirling in space. Those Dr. Who fans will know what I am talking about.

The front features a zippered pocket and a patchwork look.

Inside is a slip pocket that I divided to have a pen pocket too. Optionally you can add credit card pockets too.

The bag closes with a recessed zipper closure.

You can see the Tardis swirling in space here on the back of the bag. Has a Vincent Van Gogh look to it, like his Starry Night painting.

I added a rivet and rings, along with an adjustable slider. 

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing this finished bag.
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  1. your bag is lovely. I really like that blue fabric - those swirls remind me of Van Golh's paintings.
    thank you for testing my pattern too.

    Imaz of ImazzPatterns

  2. at first I thought the fabric was like a Van Gogh painting and then I read it was the Tardis spinning in space. I'm sure Dr. Who fans will be thrilled to see this bag. you did a wonderful job, I just love the outside zipper pocket and the lining as always lays perfectly. its a useful size for a quick outing, now that we can have those again. great job as always.


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