Sunday, May 23, 2021

Emma Cross Body Bag with Pieced & Applique Flap

I wrote another tutorial that you can find over on ChrisW Designs blog. I show you how to make a pieced flap (or bag) and a pieced flap with applique and embellishments. I made the Emma bag, which is a fun, quick sew that is perfect for little girls, teens or for someone that doesn't need to carry a ton of stuff with them.

I actually made 2 Emma Bags, but the first one here is what I use in the tutorial. The second Emma I pieced the entire bag and quilted it and added an applique on the flap. The tutorial is just a guide to get you going so you can do your own thing.

I pieced the background, added an applique heart, quilting and crystals on the flap for bling. I also made Kumihimo strap (Japanese Braiding).

On this Emma, I pieced the entire bag and added a heart applique on the flap.

I made a Kumihimo strap for this bag too.
Inside Emma is a slip pocket and a zipper pocket.

Check out my tutorial over at ChrisW Designs blog. 
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  1. Pretty bag. Always love your additions.

  2. for some reason I start to write a comment and then it disappears and the whole thing jumps. anyway what I was trying to say on my first attempt is that I love this bag. its the perfect hippy bag with the heart and the scallop curve. I just love it.


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