Monday, May 3, 2021

Llama Pincushion

My daughter had put this llama planter in her give away donation box. When I saw it, I immediately thought this would make a great pincushion! So I snatched it out of the box. It came with a tiny plastic pot, but I didn't need that.

I love wool pincushions the best as they really grip your pins and needles and feel so nice using. Years ago when I went to the annual Taos wool Festival in Taos, NM, there was a vendor selling the prettiest bright colors of dyed roving. Well I don't spin wool (did decades ago for a short time), but I like to use roving to make felted items, so I bought a a couple of bags. One was a purple-blue color, one a bright blue. The purple blue I used for the pincushion truck I posted recently. I used the bright blue for this llama. 

I dry felted it using a felting needle. When I got the basic size and shape started, I then placed the wool ball into the planter and kept felting it, so it would be snug up against the sides. But before I placed it in the planter, I added a handful of marbles to the planter to weigh it down first. Now it is the perfect pincushion and I love it!

Here are all the angles of the llama pincushion~

Without pins added. The bright blue wool pincushion.

I added a few pins.

View from the rear.

Front view.

Side view.

Top view.

So there you have the cute llama pincushion (formerly known as the llama planter, lol). Thanks daughter, I love my llama pincushion.
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  1. It can't get much cuter than that!!

  2. I love llamas and that is one cute pincushion!

  3. Just too sweet! Great save!

  4. I love it, its the perfect combination of being a llama which is always adorable, blue felted wool which really pops and a pincushion, so functional. it will make you smile every time you use it.


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