Sunday, May 30, 2021

Sew Powerful Purses #46-52

Seven more purses are finished for the Sew Powerful Purse Project. That huge pile of cut out purses that have been stacked around my sewing room are slowly but surely shrinking as they are transformed into purses by the magic of sewing. Although, I still have a grocery sack full of flaps that are already made waiting for the other fabrics to get cut out so they can be sewn into purses too. This is an ongoing and never ending endeavor, so they will be finished when they are finished.

Meanwhile, here are the 7 latest purses that I finished:

These flaps all started as small quilt blocks.

4 more purses. The top left was a Twister pinwheel block I made in black and green. Then I added strips of fabric around it to create the flap. The lower left in purse and green is another Bear's Paw block I made years ago, leftover from a quilt I made my daughter when she was in high school. I made quite a few purses using those Bear Paw blocks, since I had made several extra blocks. I think this is the last one.

The purse on the lower right, I used up the last of the Paris print fabric I had. I made a tote and a cross body bag with that Paris print and now it's gone, except maybe for a couple of small scraps. It feels good to use up a lot of my fabric for something so worthwhile.

I might have enough purses made that I can see about getting them into a large game box to mail them off to Renton, Washington. I will take note to see how many fit into the game box, so I will know for the next box when I should start packing them into the box. FYI: you can order the game size boxes from the USPS website for free. They deliver the boxes to you. You receive 25 boxes in a package, so I have plenty of boxes on hand for mailing whenever I have enough purses to mail. And it ships for the same rate as the large flat rate box.

P.S. I just finished sewing together 3 more purses yesterday, so need photos of those and whatever I sew up today. I hope you are enjoying seeing these purses :0)

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  1. Oh yes, I love your purses. But I wonder where you send them. Do you have a pattern?

  2. you are so productive its hard to comprehend. the bunny is definitely my favorite out of this batch but of course I love them all.

  3. My post disappeared, so trying again! You've been very busy! I love them all, especially the rabbit and the flower. And I see you used the tiny twister too! All with such fun fabrics!


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