Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Sew Powerful Purses #53-58

Six more purses finished for the Sew Powerful Purse Project.

I got a couple of the game boxes stuffed full of purses. The first box I got 18 purses in and it was bulging at the seams. The second box I got 21 purses in, also bulging. On the Facebook group some women mentioned they got 27 or more purses into a game box size. I don't know how they did it. Maybe they had a steam roller that they flattened them with first? LOL!!! I placed 6 purses into a plastic bag and slip those into the first box and did that 3 more times (18 purses). The plastic bag helps to slide the purses in better and keeps them clean. So the second box I did the same thing and squeezed in one more purse into each of the 3 plastic bags, so 7 per bag for a total of 21 purses. The women who get in more said they put 9 purses in per plastic bag times 3 for the 27 purses. I will try that next time I have enough to mail, but I got to say it was hard enough getting in 7 purses in each plastic bag.

I started this flap with the small heart quilt block I already had and added strips around it.

This flap was some leftover Twister pinwheel sections I had made.

A couple of decades ago I was going to make a Fortune Cookie Quilt, writing fortunes onto fabric and sewing them into some blocks. Well I did make several quilt blocks, but that quilt never happened. Going through my UFO's I found this strip of fabric with a fortune written on it, so used it in the making of this flap. I also found some of the other blocks with the fortunes written on them and they might one day become a flap for some of these purses too.

The background was something I had pieced together a while ago. It looked too plain for a flap, so I hand blanket stitched these hearts and flowers onto the flap to jazz it up a bit more.

The stack of purses waiting to be sewn into purses is getting smaller each day. I think I will be able to finish the rest of them this week. Then I will make other bags for a while before cutting out the various fabrics needed to go with the grocery sack full of flaps I have made for more Sew Powerful Purses.

It feels good to have mailed off 2 boxes full of purses (39 purses in all). My goal is to squeeze more purses into each box; so I will cut out as many purses at one time that I need to fit into one box and sew that many before cutting out too many all at once like last time. That seems more doable that way and not so overwhelming. 
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  1. I can hardly believe how many purses you have been making for this cause! You rock:) You must be seeing a nice dent in your fabric stash!

  2. Your bags are beautiful, unique, and will be treasured for sure!

  3. I just love that you have some wonderful inspirational quotes or words of support for the girls.
    you are doing an amazing job and they are all beautiful.

  4. Where are all of the purses going to? Sounds like many are making them and you have made a ton! Reminds me of making a whole slew of drawstring backpacks to fill for the homeless.

    1. Hey Marsha, you are a no-reply, so I cannot respond through email since I don't know your email. The Sew Powerful Purse Project link is in the first sentence. The purses are first sent to Renton, WA (if you live in the USA) and then twice a year (Spring and Fall) they are loaded onto a ship bound for Zambia, Africa. The link explains it all. There are thousands of people around the world sewing purses for this worthwhile cause.


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