Saturday, June 19, 2021

Sew Powerful Purses #59-63

5 more purses made for the Sew Powerful Purse Project.

5 pieced purses and one with applique flowers.
I used up some already made quilt blocks for the flaps of these purses. The purse on the upper left was a quilt block that I had made that I wrote a fortune cookie saying on. I made several quilt blocks with different sayings on them that was intended to be made into a Fortune Cookie Quilt, someday. Well that never happened, so you will be seeing all those blocks slowly become purses through the magic of sewing. In case you cannot read what the fortune says here it is: "Your dearest wish will come true".

Flaps of purses up to see the inside and the "you look beautiful" label
The brown fabric with a stripe were pillows that came with a sofa we had several years ago. Didn't even use the pillows. So I washed the cases and cut our purse pieces with them. I got 6 purses made using the fabric from the pillows. I still have to sew up 3 more of them, so you will see those when they are finished.

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  1. These are beautiful purses for a wonderful mission.

  2. each one has its own personality, I just love all of them. the applique is so fun and i like how you used quilt blocks as well. you are on a roll. well done

  3. What a great reuse for old projects. We all have gifts!


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