Friday, May 14, 2021

Sew Powerful Purse #35-36

Here are 2 more purses for the Sew Powerful Purse Project.

Purse #35~
This was a quilt block that I set on point and added some more strips around.
 Added buttons for some embellishments on the flap too.

I didn't quite have a large enough piece of this purple corduroy, so I pieced 2 pieces together and then sewed a ribbon over the seam. The ribbon made a nice decorative element and no one is the wiser that I had to piece the fabric pieces together...well except me and those of you who are reading this, lol!

I ordered some labels a couple of months ago and they finally arrived. I wanted a little something special under the flap for the girls to see, sort of a sweet surprise. I had to sew this one on by hand, since I had already completed the purse. From now on they will be sewn by machine.

Purse #36~
I had enough of this pre-quilted fabric to create on purse. The fabric has a different coordinating print on each side and is quilted together. So I added binding on top of the pocket, front of the purse and around the flap to cover the raw edges of the fabric. Inside, I zigzag stitched all the raw edges. 

When you lift the flap on this one, you can see the other coordinating print.

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  1. Both purses look great, Daryl. The 3 little buttons on the flap of the first purse are a cute detail.

  2. i hope there is a way you can get some feedback from the girls that receive them. those are so beautiful and the hidden message is perfect. great job as always.

  3. All super cute purses. Excellent work.

  4. your born to be wild purses were very inspirational and I’m inspired to look into project purse. Thanks


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