Monday, November 9, 2020

VW Kombi Van Purse

When I saw this cute VW van purse, I had to make at least one. It is a small purse, which is perfect for a child or teenager or minimalist, but it sure brings out the inner hippie in me, lol!!! It was fun to make this sweet little bag.

I found this on Lisa Pay's YouTube channel. Her channel is called PayitForward (cute play on her name). (See the video at the end of this post.) Lisa has so many other cute things to make as well, such as stuffed animals. Her instructions are great and I love her Australian accent too. So I am paying it forward to you with her video down below. Subscribe to Lisa's channel and tell her I sent you, lol!

This sweet purse calls for using both cotton fabric and felt. There is both hand and machine sewing involved. Lisa sewed more things by machine than I did. I only sewed the strap by machine and did the rest of mine by hand. Since it is a small purse, you wouldn't be carrying much weight inside so it can be sewn by hand.

The purse measures 5 5/8" wide x 5 1/4" high x 1 3/4" wide.

I added a handmade label to mimic a license plate.

I blanket stitched all the felt pieces by hand, whereas Lisa uses the sewing machine and does a straight stitch.

The back of the bag is cotton fabric.

I also blanket stitched the side pieces in place. The orange is a woven wool fabric that I used.

The inside is felt.

Here is the video~

You know I am always thinking about how I can change things when I make bags or quilts, so I thought I would make a larger bag (different designer) and applique the VW Kombi van on the front or a flap of the bag, enlarging the van, if needed. That way I get both a cute VW van and a larger bag with more features and space. So that might be something I create later this month as I have too many UFO's calling me at the moment, lol!

$35 + $5 shipping ($40 total price). USA shipping cost, if you live outside the USA, shipping will be higher. This has SOLD

Peace & Love,

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  1. Such a cute bag and so perfect for a teenager or it!

  2. Oh my!! Definitely speaks to me!! I am going to have to watch that video and make one for my old inner hippie too, Daryl!! Adorable!

  3. Sweet bag! love checking out Lisa's YouTube channel. She has so many cute creations on there it's hard to pick a favourite. I was blown away by a sewing machine pin cushion from about a month ago. Still trying to convince myself I don't need one!

  4. so adorable, I checked out her channel and so many projects I want to make. I really like the colors you chose and the handwork you did really makes it extra special. this would make a wonderful postcard as well. great job


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