Saturday, June 15, 2019

A Thankful Twist Table Runner

I tested this table runner, A Thankful Twist, for Around the Bobbin. Lisa made her sample with a background color and a second color for the twister pinwheels. But I wanted to use a variety of fall colors for the pinwheels, so I pulled out some fall scraps to make the pinwheels and a background fabric. I used a fabric for the vertical side strips that had all the fall colors.

The pattern has the wording Give Thanks that I appliqued, but also included a variety of leaf appliques that were supposed to be appliqued. However, my leaves didn't really show up when I placed them down. The leaf colors were the same as the twister pinwheels (although different prints). So I decided to leave the leaves off my runner. I love how this runner looks and how the twister pinwheels appear to be dancing around the runner. It also looks great with the leaves if you were to choose one twister color and the background. Lisa liked my version as a variation to choose from so she included my quilt photo in the pattern and even added the instructions on how to make it scrappy. I am honored!

Either way, it is a great runner and fun to make. I just love making twister quilts! Those twister pinwheels are so happy looking to me. As I was appliqueing the wording of Give Thanks, I thought how you could make this runner in different colors and add other wording or applique motifs, such as Happy Birthday with balloons or cake. How about Saint Patrick's Day in greens with a rainbow or pot of gold? Merry Christmas in red and green. Patriotic American holidays using red, white and blue colors. So if you buy this pattern, don't have to limit yourself to just Thanksgiving; and that way you can make so many other runners by just changing the colors and adding different wording or applique motifs in the center.

Go here to see the other tester versions and also to see the other Twister Holiday Patterns that have just been released too. If you order any of these new Twister patterns you get free shipping through June 16, 2019. So hurry if you want free shipping. The code is in this link. Only paper patterns are available now. Pdf's will come later.

Okay so here is my Thankful Twist Runner version~

I played with adding some color saturation to make this photo look more golden. The background fabric looks a little darker here because I darkened the photo..
This is in my Etsy Shop.
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  1. It's a very pretty twisty runner!

  2. i love this table runner; i want to see what it looked like before the twist. there seems to be no end to what you can do with this kind of quilt they are so interesting. i really like how you combined it with words. great job as always.

  3. That is one cute runner, and like you said could be very versatile.

  4. Love this. I haven't done anything with twister blocks before - it would be great as a 4th of July runner - would look like sparklers! The appliqué in the center is lovely.

  5. Very attractive runner! You're all set for fall.


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