Monday, June 24, 2019

The Allure Bag (reduced size) in Turquoise-Green-Gold Print

This is my 4th Allure bag in a reduced size (5th Allure total). I just love this style bag! The reduced size, the shape, the flap, the accent of Uncorked fabric that I use, the phone pocket, the cross body adjustable strap, slip pocket and zippered pocket all equal a gorgeous bag! Thanks to designer Christine of ChrisW Designs for designing such a great bag and I will give myself  pat on the back for figuring out how to use Uncorked fabric instead of real cork, vinyl or leather.

I am making a lot of these to stock up for the shows I will be selling at in the fall. I may list a few to sell on Etsy too. I only list my items once on Etsy. If they don't sell within the 4 months of the listing fee I pay, then I do not relist them. So if you ever see something in my Etsy shop you like, you had better buy it because it won't be there again. I will sell locally instead of relisting items on Etsy. I know it's hard to find me on Etsy, even when people do a search for an item and list the same keywords I list, I might be hundreds of pages away, so my stuff doesn't get seen often. I have to be a top seller for my things to show up in the first few pages and by the time that happens, if it ever happens, I will probably be retired from making and selling my bags. So get them while you can, lol!!!

Okay back to my latest Allure bag. I used a turquoise, green and blue print with metallic gold highlights. I accented the bag with natural Uncorked fabric. I used bronze hardware.

I added my strap tabs this way instead of riveting them to the side of the bag. That was the hardest part of making this bag was fiddling with riveting the straps on the side of the bag. Mostly because I was dealing with the finished bag which has shape and  thickness and it was difficult to line it all up and press the rivets. So I decided to change this to make my life easier. It stills looks great this way.

Phone pocket is on the top back of the bag.

Back side of the bag.

A slip pocket with a pen division.

A zippered pocket inside too.
I am going to try making another Allure this size without a flap and add a zippered closure to see how that looks. I love the look of the flap, but a lot of women like zippered closures, so I will give it a go and see what happens.

(This bag has SOLD).
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  1. On the next bag you make with a zippered top could you make a smaller fake flap just for decoration as the flap really does add to the look. Or maybe make it a real flap that leads to a pocket?

  2. i can see why you like this bag so much, it has so many great features. i love your fabric choices they really compliment each other. the cork like fabric is fun and different and the gold in the main fabric matches beautifully. love the cross body bag style and all your little touches make them unique. this bag looks so professionally done.


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