Sunday, June 2, 2019

The Allure Bag

The Allure bag pdf and also a video version has been released and is currently available on ChrisW Designs website. I tested this bag and it is a great bag style and a large bag. I plan on making another one at a reduced size to see how it turns out. The accents on this bag really add a nice touch. There is a phone pocket, inside pockets and an adjustable strap to wear on your shoulder or across your body. This bag is sturdy and really stand up on it's own too.

I made the mistake of using Peltex instead of Decovil light, not knowing there was such a huge difference in the products. Apparently Peltex is thicker. No wonder I had a devil of a time wrestling the final sewing step and turning the bag! But it worked out in the end and turned out to be a beautiful bag. Next bag will be made with no Peltex and since I am going to reduce the size, I will use foam only, but with Peltex only at the base and not other places in the bag.

The Allure has a zippered angled pocket on the flap, but because of the fabric I chose, I didn't add the zippered pocket. There are still plenty of pockets in this bag, including Christine's signature phone pocket at the back top of the bag. Inside is a zippered pocket and you can add slip pockets if you want to.

To see all the tester's versions go here. Scroll through the tester versions underneath the main photo.

Nice and roomy bag.
The back of the bag.

All my stuff fits inside nicely with room to spare. 

See how roomy it is and all those pockets give you more space for things too. The pocket supplement for the slip pockets can be purchased separately and can be made for nearly any bag. You get a pleated pocket with a pen pocket and  pocket beside the pleated pocket and a smaller pocket behind.

This bag has SOLD.
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  1. despite your troubles with materials your bag looks fantastic. you aligned the fabric beautifully to really show off Paris. great job as always.

  2. Your bag looks great. Love the fabric choice. Thanks for the tips on interfacing. I am getting ready to gather materials to start this bag. I will be anxious to hear about your scaled down version.


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