Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Emma Bag made with Selvages

I made this Emma Bag using fabric selvages for the exterior of the bag. It's a cross body bag with a flap and inside pocket and a zipper pocket. It's a small bag and perfect for someone who doesn't want to carry a lot with them or even for a young girl or teenager.

Emma is a ChrisW Design pattern. Easy to make and you can make with a flap or without a flap. The bag without a flap shows a ruffle instead. I find it fun to use my selvages in creative ways and making bags and baskets are my 2 favorite ways to use up selvages.

Inside slip pocket

Inside zipper pocket I added on the other side.

Half of Fanny (lol!!!) to show the size of the bag. I made this bag when we had a bit of snow! I am behind in some of my postings!

I love the dog paw selvage! It's so fun that a lot of companies are using shapes other than dots to show the colors on the selvages edges.

I riveted the strap tabs to the sides of the bag.

Back of Emma.

There is another selvage with a swirl instead of dots.
This was the bag my friend saw in selvages, but asked me to make the Serendipity Hip (with a straight across top) in selvages for her.
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  1. this looks like a great everyday bag, a perfect size. the selvages make it so much more fun and interesting, i want to read every label. great job

  2. Such a fun bag made with selvedges, Daryl. I have to get mine out and do something with them. They are multiplying.

  3. Lovely selvedge bag, I'm working with sledges too, at the moment. I also loved the other two bags you blogged about, one full size and one a little smaller. Great work!


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