Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Large Bag for Knitting

I made this large bag with the intention of having it for a knitting bag. I had a cute printed fabric of an owl knitting and thought it would make a great pocket for the front of the bag. I added a zippered pocket on the back of the bag and slip pocket inside the bag. This bag is my own design as I made it all up, using a few ideas from other bags I have sewn. I didn't write a pattern for it, but will make more if someone wants one in colors of their choosing. Since this bag is very large and costly to make, I won't make more unless I get orders to do so. I will use this bag to show anyone wanting a large knitting bag. Of course if this bag sells, I do have these photos to show them for taking orders.

Wide depth of bag. 

Back of bag has a nice big zippered pocket. Best to put zippered pockets on the outside of knitting bags, instead of inside the bag so yarn doesn't get caught on it. Inside there are only slip pockets.

Added button to zipper tabs.

The back side of the bag.

The bottom of the bag has purse feet.

Cute print of owl knitting made a great pocket for the front of the bag.

I normally don't use double zipper pulls, but since I had this zipper with the double pulls already, I used it. I make my beaded zipper pulls with charms, and I love the skein of yarn charm! So perfect for this bag.
Open wide, extremely wide! Lots of room in this baby. Pockets on both sides, one large pocket and across from it divided pockets.
One large slip pocket is large enough to fit an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper or a pattern booklet that size.
I will be taking this to show at my knitting group and see if anyone wants this one or to order one. Otherwise it will be for sale at a craft show later this year. I could try and sell on Etsy, but it's so large that shipping will be costly.
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  1. love it!!! its a perfect knitting bag complete with the owl knitting. lots of space for projects and pockets to keep things separated. its sturdy so it can hold what ever you put in it. Great job and all the little touches just make it that much more adorable. great use of the owl.

  2. Oh, what a cute little owl knitting - perfect for a knitting bag.

  3. That owl is just adorable and perfect for this bag. This would be a great bag for someone knitting an afghan or large sweater.

  4. That little owl is just too cute, and perfect for your knitting bag.


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