Wednesday, January 23, 2019

(2) Blue Arabesque Bags @ 90% Size

 I have made several Arabesque Bags (by Sew Sweetness) in the original size and at 80% and I wanted to try making one at 90%. It's just slightly smaller than the original size, but enough to notice a difference if seen side-by-side (Sorry I don't have all 3 to show the size difference right now). This is the middle size I have made, so it's also slightly larger than the 80% size. I think I like this one at 90% the best. Like Goldilocks said, "It's just right", not too big and not too small. Well being a middle child myself, I do tend to like things in the middle like not too large or too small, not too hot or too cold, not too mild or too spicy. You get the point.

Before Christmas a knitting friend needed a gift to buy for a friend and asked me to bring some bags in blue to show her at our knitting meeting in December. She had purchased the Arabesque bag in the original size from me in purples for herself. I had a few styles of bags to show her in blue, but one of the ones I thought she might like the best, it had sold on Etsy before we were to meet. I am glad it sold, but that got me thinking that I should make another blue bag and why not try making this Arabesque at 90%. I did and then showed her a few bags in blue and of course she liked this Arabesque one best and bought it.

Another knitting friend saw the bags I brought in at our meeting and said she would like this blue bag if it doesn't get purchased. Since it did, I offered to make her one in whatever colors she liked and she also liked blues. So I made another Arabesque at 90% for her. Those photos are past these and called Arabesque @ 90% too.

Arabesque Bag @ 90%:

Inside has a slip pocket with a pen pocket divided on the left side.
Fanny looks rather stylish modeling this Arabesque Bag @ 90%.

Fanny (the Manny-quin) is modeling this bag to give you an idea of size. I finally decided I needed a mannequin to show the scale of my bags. The only problem with Fanny is that she is awkward to move and her limbs fall off way too easily! Just adjusting her slightly her arms and one leg will fall off.!

Zipper closure with a handmade charm.

The back I added a zippered pocket. I started adding zippered pockets to the last several Arabesque Bags that I have made because it's so nice to have an outside pocket for keys or a phone.

Inside the lining is a Morning Glory fabric.

Arabesque @ 90% too:

Arabesque @90% too I used a different variety of fabrics that had some blue in them.

I decided to keep my dress form because it's much easier to move around and doesn't fall apart. Well having no limbs helps, lol!

The back side of Arabesque Bag @ 90% too, with the zippered pocket.

Blue inside fabric with a slip pocket and pen pocket.

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  1. Beautiful bag Daryl and Fanny makes the perfect model!

  2. Don't give up on Fanny; she's quite lovely! (LOL) Congrats on the bag sales. You must be an expert at making this bag by now. ;-)

  3. love it and i think its great to play with various sizes of the same pattern, its amazing how adjusting something to make it a bit bigger or smaller can be difference between wanting to use a purse or not wanting to use it. i love Fanny what a great model.

  4. LOVE the blue one with the morning glory print lining....
    Size is nice too.
    ....maybe later..


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