Monday, July 23, 2018

Nestling Baskets Updated

I tested all 3 sizes of  these Nestling Baskets from Around the Bobbin. This is an updated slightly different version of her original Nesting Baskets, which I had also tested a while ago. The main difference is the added binding at the top of the baskets. It gives it a nicer look to have the binding and you can add a pop of color by the binding fabric your choose to use. The pattern does suggest to sew the binding on as you would by machine and then hand sew the second step. I do usually sew my quilt binding on like this and I did sew the binding on this first medium size basket like that, but then I got in a hurry and sewed the other baskets by machine and I am not as happy with the binding, so I will be redoing those by hand later. There is another part of the construction of this basket version (as opposed to the first Nesting Baskets) that makes these sew up easier and faster, so it's not just the added binding that makes these different to the first version.

Here are all my test baskets:

I used a movie theme for this medium Nestling. Popcorn inside and movie film strips outside. Doesn't that popcorn look real?

A striped in the fabric will give you a mitered corner look.

You can see my binding on this and the rest was done all by machine and not as neatly as I would have liked it so they will be redone later.

This is the small size Nestling. Oranges outside this time. I must have been hungry when I was testing these, lol!

This one is the large Nestling size and done in a Southwest print. I like how the corner mitered on this one.

Here is another medium Nestling size.

one small, 2 medium and one large Nestling Baskets.

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  1. Yummy looking the fabrics you chose!

  2. Cute baskets. Yes, the popcorn does look real! I'm with you on hand sewing binding. I machine stitched the binding on a couple of quilts in the past and wasn't happy with the result either. I'd like to redo at least one of them but afraid I might just make it worse.

  3. you chose the best fabrics for these baskets, i love the popcorn and ticket fabric. The fruits and the southwest fabric all look great as well. i agree the binding helps add "pop" to the main fabric body. they are adorable.

  4. Cute baskets and that popcorn fabric makes me hungry!


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