Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Running With Scissors Tool Case

This is the Running with Scissors Tool Organizer Case I tested for Annie of byAnnie Patterns. You can use it alone or make the Stand Up Tote and open this tool case and lay to over the tote to access your tools when sewing.

There is a zippered pocket on the front.
I added a decorative stitches accent on this case just like I did on the Stand Up Tote. 

This is the back of the case and it has a zippered pocket too.

I added a couple of rivets too on the handle.

Tons of pockets inside to hold all your tools. Both fabric pockets and clear vinyl slip pockets and a  full zippered pocket and a divided zipper pocket too. While I was testing this, I must have skipped ahead and forgot to sew the yellow binding on the bottom of the zippered pocket, so I had to add something else and I sewed on a rickrack there to cover the raw mesh. 

This is a little ironing pad that you place inside the tool case that will also protect your tools, since it is padded with Soft and Stable foam.

I filled this with lots of my tools and still didn't use all the pockets! There are a lot of pockets and you can divide how you like them. I wasn't sure how I wanted to divide mine, so I made fewer divisions than the pattern suggests. This was designed to hold Tula Pink's tools and I do not have any of her tools.

The center section has fold over elastic to hold spools of thread. I mostly use large spools or thread on cones, but I found a few different sizes of threads I had to demonstrate how this holds the thread. 

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  1. you are brave to take on these combined bags they look way too challenging for me. i think its restricting to expect someone to only have your tools, as people that sew we have a mish mash of items we use. you did a great job making both of these.

  2. Nice organizer. You did an amazing job with this one. I like how you modified the sections and of course the decorative work you always add.

  3. Interesting case. I've had it in the back of my mind to "hack" a small one that I've seen, but without so many divisions. A project like this has the same problem as a purse organizer. If you don't plan ahead for what you want to organize, it becomes an issue with how many slots you put in it. Just curious, is this something that you're likely to use? (P.S. Like the Singer sewing machine zipper charm!)

  4. Great Bag. Love the decorative touches and the little charm that says handmade. You always a special touch to every bag you make


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