Wednesday, August 1, 2018

I'd Rather Be Sewing Grocery Tote

Christine of ChrisW Designs has a new grocery tote bag and it's a FREE video tutorial.  I got to test the bag and made both the large and small versions in one day. Yep that quick and easy.

You download the pdf which has the fabric requirements and measurements, which you can find in the link on the video page. The testers versions are on the pdf itself or you can see them here on Christine's Blog.

Made with home dec fabric, here are my bags. The large is first.

You can purchase the "I'd Rather Be Sewing" embroidery file from Christine if you have an embroidery machine and embroider it on the front pocket. Or you can choose an embroidery design of your own. Or like I did here use an Orphan Quilt Block and turn it into a pocket. Be creative with your pocket.

I added rivets to my straps. 
The bag is unlined that is one reason it is fast to sew. You place a piece of template plastic in the bottom of the bag to fit it some stability when loading your groceries. I covered a heavier plastic with a fabric sleeve I made. As you can see the seams are all hidden in the French Seams.

The bag folds up nice and flat so you can store it in your car or in your home.
This is the small size, which is only slightly smaller. I added a green binding on top of the pocket to define it a bit. I also folded over the center of the handles on both bags and stitched so that I would have something to grab a hold of easier. I have small hands, so I like a narrow handle to hold.

I also added rivets.

Folded nice and flat. This lovely fabric was a gift from a friend last year. I have lots more of it too, so I will be making more bags.

Here they both are filled with one pound salad green containers which fit perfectly into either size bag. They look about the same size, because I place the larger bag on the left in the back and that made it appear smaller.
The pdf and video tutorial are free, so hurry up and make a bag or 2 or 3, since wouldn't YOU "Rather Be Sewing" too?
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  1. Very nice, Daryl. Whenever I see these kinds of bags, however, I wonder about using them for actual grocery shopping, due to the pretty fabrics and being concerned about them getting tattered and dirty. (Of course, they can be washed, but you know... I continue to use store bought - and very strong and sturdy - black bags that have lasted me for years.) Will you be putting them to that particular use or are these going into your shop?

  2. A great style of bag, Daryl. They look very sturdy, too.

  3. Those are much classier looking bags than the ones I use. Great job on them, Daryl, and adding a rivet makes them look even better.

  4. You make such lovely bags. These turned out great. I love the orphan block idea.

  5. Your bags are always so lovely. Very professional.


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