Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Purple Quilted Arabesque Bag & Selvage Arabesque Too

Welcome to the Fabulous Freebies Blog Hop, hosted by Joan of Moosestash Quilting.

I could have shown you all oodles and oodles of free patterns that I have made over the years, but I thought you might want to get on with your day instead of spending it all here with me today, lol!!! So I limited myself with one free pattern, but I made it in two different sizes.

I love a good Freebie and I love a great bag pattern too! You get both a fabulous pdf bag pattern that is a FREE pattern and it's easy to follow and easy to make too. The Arabesque Bag by Sew Sweetness  is a free pattern. I have made this bag before and also made a few of these bags by reducing the size as well. The purple bag is the size the pattern comes, but I also have made the Arabesque in a reduced smaller size as well. If you saw the other Arabesque Bags that I have made before, then you know I prefer to sew my strips of fabric vertically, rather than horizontally as the pattern shows. I haven't made this in all one fabric yet, but one day I will. I just have had so much fun using up scraps for making these bags, that I haven't sewn one in just one fabric yet. If I do then I will have more scraps to make more of these cute bags, lol!

I have sold every Arabesque Bag that I have made so far, both the original size and the reduced size. So I knew I wanted to make more of these Arabesque bags to sell. I have this one listed in my Etsy Shop for sale.

This is a great way to use up fabric strips, and I prefer to use various widths of strips as it adds more interest than using all the same size width, such as using a Jelly Roll. I added some rivets to the horizontal accent strip on this bag too.

I used a variety of widths of purple fabric strips. (For sale in my Etsy Shop).

I quilted this in wavy lines. This shows the depth of the bag.

This is the other side of the bag.

This bag has a zippered closure too.

My signature zipper pull.

Nice and roomy inside the bag with both a slip and zippered pocket. I added the zippered pocket. The pattern calls for making 2 slip pockets.

A zipper pull on the zippered pocket.

Slip pocket.

Here is another Arabesque I made, but this one I reduced the size to 80%. This one is made using selvages for the exterior. It turned out cute. (This one sold at a craft show I did)

I added rivets to this smaller Arabesque bag too.

The back of the bag.

Inside I added both a slip pocket and a zippered pocket.

My handmade zipper pulls that I attach to zippers. 
There is another Freebie, the I'd Rather Be Sewing Grocery Tote video tutorial that I have already posted about. Just click on the right side bar link where you see the grocery tote that I made in a blue print fabric. This tutorial is by ChrisW Designs and the links are on that other posting.

Thanks again to Joan of Moosestash Quilting for organizing this Fabulous Freebie Blog Hop.

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  1. Really beautiful bags! I love all the details and the fabrics you used.

  2. As I was scrolling through your post, I didn't think you could beat the purple bag, and then I saw the selvedge bag - hard to choose between them. Thanks for the link.

  3. Great choices for this hop. Love the addition of the zip pocket to the inside. Sweet zip pulls.

  4. I love bags and you did a fabulous job! I love that it has an inside zippered pocket. Have you ever added an outside zipper pocket to one of these?

  5. this blog hop is so much fun i'm getting to know about so many great blogs. This is a wonderful bag and i really love how you were able to make it out of selvages it looks great. thanks for sharing.

  6. Daryl, your bags are AWESOME!! And purple is MY color!! I do like the selvage bag as well! Thanks sew much for the link to the patterns for it and the grocery bag. Love your zipper pulls too!! Now, you must tell me where you found that cute "Handmade" tag for your bag!! Love it!!

  7. Love the bags. Thanks for sharing. Kay

    1. Thank you Kay. You are a no-reply, so I couldn't email you directly as your comment was sent to SPAM.

  8. Beautiful bags! Your work is always so impeccable, Daryl. I like how you turned the stripes to vertical in your bags. Makes the pattern look like a new one. Thank you for the links and all the little detail photos ... :) Pat

  9. Well, you sold me with the purple! LOL!! I love bags, but many don't have zippers in them. I am a big zipper kinda girl. Maybe after I dropped my bag at the Atlanta airport and all my stuff rolled under a cab! :-O I've been saving selvages for awhile now...I do believe I've found the perfect place to use them. Thank you so much for a fabulous free pattern and the inspiration!

  10. What a beautiful bag! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern. I am absolutely in love with the selvage edge one! Brilliant! I am going to start collecting my edges for projects. I also love how you make the your own zipper pulls. I have been inspired!

  11. Just love love this bag...just might have to make it.

  12. I love those bags, and so beautiful. You've definitely got a nice talent there coordinating those fabrics like you have. Who wouldn't want one of those great bags...

  13. I love this bag in both sizes...beautiful! All your bags are amazing, Daryl!

  14. Beautiful work! I adore the totes and your signature zipper pulls. I have some selvages that could be put to good use. I want you to know that thanks to your old post about the Rail Runner. My daughter and I took her boys round trip from ABQ to Santa Fe on it. Last summer I took my son and his two children to ABQ to see his sister. We took the Rail Runner again on the round trip. We had to make a given train in order to be back for a baseball game. I started back with the youngest grandchild, my granddaughter. The rest came flying by and my daughter put my granddaughter on her shoulders. She was encouraging her younger son to hurry and my short legs were going as fast as they could. I have fibromyalgia so my physical ability is limited. No one said a word to me because they knew I was hurrying as fast as I could. I walked into the train and everyone except my daughter and I scurried upstairs. Less than 30 seconds later, the train doors closed and we were en route. My daughter told me to sit and rest and recoup and then we joined the rest of the group upstairs. I have never come so close to missing a trip. I could have given them the return tickets and someone would have had to come back to the station to pick me up. It all worked out and the children loved it. Thanks for making wonderful memories for me in that as well as quilting.

  15. This is a super bag, and I especially like your version in the selvages.

  16. Love that Arabesque bag! This is a wonderful hop. Thanks for sharing!

  17. I love your scrappy bags - with the price of fabric, one needs to use every scrap. Of course, the selvage bag is - perfectly spot-on.

  18. Oh, Daryl, I love your bags and all the little additions you have made are fantastic. Love the selvage bag especially. Great idea!!!!

  19. Beautiful bags. Thanks for sharing with us.

  20. Such lovely bags! Love the selvage one :) Thanks so much for sharing! xx


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