Monday, August 27, 2018

Vendor Craft Apron #3

I made this Vendor Craft apron for a woman who asked me to make her one. I got to choose the fabrics and so I hope she loves it. I thought the Morning Glory flowers were so pretty. The back is lined with a solid periwinkle color.

The first apron like this I made for myself and when the woman saw it she wanted an apron too. The link to the free tutorial is on the posting about my first apron. I made one change to this apron and that was to sew the business card pocket lower on the slip pockets. For 2 reasons, it was easier to turn and to sew into the apron later. My first apron's business card pocket came out a bit wonky. Plus by lowering it like I did here it won't interfere with getting items out of the slip pocket behind it.
The apron has a business card pocket, a zippered pocket, divided slip pockets on the bottom, including a pen pocket and a slip pocket with a flap where I sewed a green sewing machine button on the flap. The ties can only be tied in the front on this slim dress form, unless you happen to be as slim as this dress form. I could have made the ties longer to tie in the front, but I didn't on this apron. I wanted to see how it would look tied in the front, so on this slim dress form I was able to tie them in the front. 

The ties on this apron are tied in the back. 

I added a swivel hook on an elastic hair tie so that a key could be clipped to it.

Business car pocket. I added a cute bicycle button on the pocket. I have no idea if the woman who purchased this apron rides a bicycle or not, but I thought it was a cute button.

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  1. This is a great functional business apron, Daryl. I must get out and look for one of those great bicycle buttons! Gotta have it. All the extra pockets besides the slip pockets are a great idea. Love that handy dandy little swivel hook too. Your customer should be really happy with this apron.

  2. That is an awesome apron, wish I had had one years ago when I sat at my own craft show booth!

  3. That morning glory fabric is glorious! So many great pockets and add-ons. Great job!

  4. Love everything about this, Daryl - including your comment about the bicycle button. ;-) (It almost makes me want to have a garage sale!) I believe the new owner will find it very handy at craft shows and that it will spur more orders for you to make these.

  5. Your apron would be perfect for markets, Daryl, with all those pockets. The addition of the swivel hook is a good idea.

  6. Very cute. Is a pattern for it

    1. Wendy click on the link in my posting to take you to the tutorial.


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