Thursday, March 30, 2017

Two Southwest Zippered Pouches

I made some more zippered bags. One I appliqued some "Christmas Chiles" on the front of the bag. If you are from New Mexico, then you know that when you say Christmas, you get both green & red chile. The other bag is a smaller one using a Kokopelli print and a plaid print.
Appliqued Chiles.

Inside the bag has some slip pockets.

Bottom of bag.

Plaid lining too.

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  1. Beautiful bags in great looking fabrics!

  2. Such cute bags, Daryl. The chilis are darling.

  3. I am completely certain I could never have enough bags and these are wonderful for so many things. Happy Sewing Dear...<3

  4. Beautiful work Daryl! Your applique is so neat!

  5. I love your bags, they are so creative and just plain awesome!!!


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