Monday, March 6, 2017

More Wine Cork Key Rings

I made one wine cork key ring and knew I would make some more, so here they are. I am selling these for $5 each plus shipping. Contact me if you would like to purchase one or more and I will invoice you through PayPal. Thanks.
Peace sign charms. Top row: the 2nd from the left has sold & last one on right has sold. Bottom row the 2nd from left & 3rd from the left has sold. 

Peace sign charms.

Mostly sewing machine charms here, and one butterfly.

Sewing machine charms and one butterfly charm. Second key ring from the left has sold. The 3rd from the left has sold. The 4th from the left has sold.

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  1. Those are really cute!! I could see me getting obsessed and making about forty billion of them.

  2. Very cute! Would the sewing machine ones be for sale by any chance? Jackie

  3. so cute and you even have some with sewing machines. I hope they sell well for you. We can all use some peace sign reminders in our lives these days.

  4. Super fun charms on your latest cork key keepers. Happy Selling Dear.

  5. Cool idea. My brother has good collection of used corks, planning to send at corkclub USA for wine cork recycling . lets save forest and earth

    1. Thanks John. You are a no-reply so I don't have your email i=to send a personal reply. Check out Pinterest for a ton of cork ideas! I have a Corky board on Pinterest.


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