Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Geometry Bag

I made the small version of the Geometry Bag by ImazzPatterns. It is a cross body bag with an adjustable buckle, so that you can carry the bag across your body allowing your hands to be free, or shorten the strap and wear it on your shoulder. Both sizes have some interesting pockets on the front of the bag. I found the bag to be easy enough to sew, that is until I got to the gusset. I don't know why but sewing the gusset gave me fits and puckers! I had to rip it out twice. I decided I would sew my gusset differently or else all my work so far might end up trashed and it was looking nice up to this point, so I really wanted to finish this bag. It looks better now, although not perfect. How do you sew your gusset so nicely Rahimah? I think I learned something about myself and bag making and that is I prefer rounded/curved bag bottoms when sewing a gusset or boxed corners when the bag bottom is a rectangle.

Okay the rest of the bag sewed very nicely and I love my fabric choice. I am pretty good at choosing colors if I do say so myself, lol!!! That's my favorite part, choosing the fabrics for quilts and bags. Here is my version The Geometry Bag~
Here is the front of the bag with a zippered pocket and a pocket with a snap flap. I hooked a lip balm holder on because it happened to match.

Side view.

The back view where my keys are hanging out of the pocket to show you that you can use this  pocket for easy access to keys or a cell phone.

Top of bag with a zippered closure. I added zipper tab ends on both sides of the zipper. The instructions show you to sew a zipper tab on the end opposite where the pull is, but I like to grab onto either end, so I made a little change here.

I attached my felt lip balm holder on the side of the bag. It just happened to match this bag. 
Inside there is a slip pocket, so there are 4 pockets in all.

Oh yeah and here is all the crap I put inside the bag. I wanted to see what would fit and the only thing that wouldn't fit was my large sunglasses case. It holds quite a bit for a smaller bag.
I am selling this Geometry Bag for $48 + $15 shipping. Email me and I will invoice through PayPal. SOLD!

For sale is the Bag only, contents not included. Does not include the lip balm holder, unless you want it and I will gladly include it for no extra charge, just let me know. Pin It Now!


  1. you said you struggled with parts of the pattern at times but it sure came out looking fantastic. I think its an interesting looking bag and you did a beautiful job. thanks for showing how much it can hold as well. I love the angled zipper pocket on the outside. The chap stick on the side, that I know you must have added, is adorable and makes it uniquely you.

  2. You have a great eye for color -- this bag is very cute!

  3. Can't tell that you had any challenges making this bag. It is so cute and a great size. Looks like it holds quite a bit. I love the outside pocket that is on the back of the bag, worn next to the body. You're right, great for keys or cell phone.

    Yes, you do have a great eye for selecting fabrics.

  4. I see what you mean about incorporating a gusset that is essentially rectangular... could be troublesome when the bag itself is small. I've sewn this style of gusset in my messenger bag and flight bag projects without issues, but they were much bigger. In any case, the result looks marvy and obviously meets your needs, so any small struggle was worth it. :-)

  5. Looks like a great bag! I love bags with pockets - the more the better.

  6. Great bag and lots of room for essentials. Love your colors and fabric choices. I agree with zipper tabs at both ends for "opening" or "closing".
    You are sew excellent at sewing bags and making adjustments/improvements. <3


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