Thursday, March 9, 2017

Let it Snow Quilt

I finished my Let it Snow quilt, which was a mystery Block-of-the-Month from Buttermilk Basin last year. I had started out using white background fabric that had silver glitter in it, but in the end there was too much white with the background and snowmen. I wanted it to look like a snowy scene, but with so much white, you couldn't see some things from a distance. So I painted the background a blue sky color so that the snowmen would pop more and that made it look better. I had posted the first few blocks on this blog as I finished them with the white background. You can do a search for them to compare, if you are interested, by using my search feature on the right side of this blog.
This was the last block which is larger than the rest.

I used faux wool (flannel) for the applique and the border and  binding too. I added a few snowflake buttons and I left off the bottom row of the quilt that called for pieced trees as I didn't care for that. I  really enjoyed appliqueing these blocks by hand with a blanket stitch. Even with my poor choice of white for a background color, the painted background saved this quilt and I am satisfied with the result.
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  1. Wow, Daryl. This really turned out nicely. I love the painted background and also how you perfectly matched your applique' thread. A beautiful finish, indeed.

  2. I forgot that you were working on this--I love this! Excellent work on the blue!

  3. That was a great idea to paint the background to save all your hard work and lovely stitching. You're all ready with a cute new quilt for next snow season.

  4. This almost fits in with the discussion that we had about "oopsies". You are definitely good at thinking around the box to fix and feature potential problems! Very nice looking quilt. (Although the sentiment doesn't apply to me at this time; I wish it would STOP snowing.)

  5. so fun, you got me excited about making seasonal wall hangings and this is a great example of that. I love how you blended fabrics and added Daryl embellishments. So great and the overall look just makes me smile.
    good job, today looking at snow is very comforting and cooling its hot outside.


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