Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tip of the Morning Tuesday: Using Transparent Tape on Rulers

Hello tipsters! I have a great tip to share with you. I cannot take credit for this tip though. My good friend Bobbie shared this tip with me. I am not sure if she read it on another blog or not, but hey we all don't read the same blogs so this one is certainly worth sharing again!

Buy a roll of transparent tape in the bandage isle of your favorite store. Bobbie bought Curad brand and hers cost less than $2. I bought the same thing only at a different store and mine was the store brand and mine cost just over $4 with sales tax. Still this stuff is cheap and will last you a long time.

Okay you are now wondering so what do I do with this tape? Well you tear off a small piece of it (it tears so easily with your fingers) and place it on the back side of your quilt rulers in each corner and you can add some more tape in more places on your rulers if you like. It's clear so you can read the numbers and lines still and it helps to keep your ruler in place and not slip as you cut your fabric. The tape is 1" x 10 yards and one roll should last you a long time even if you have a bazillion rulers! It's easy to remove and add more tape as needed too. Isn't that a great idea? I love it!

Believe me I have tried every type of ruler gripper in the past from sand paper dots, to clear dots (those were thick so the ruler sat up a bit too much), to that clear plastic cling stuff (which eventually would curl and pull away from the corners). All those grippers would only last so long and each package would only have enough to do a few rulers. So this tape is cheap and while I don't know how long it will last on my rulers, it is cheap enough and I have enough yardage to add more tape as needed.

I plan on using this on my plastic templates too, even the templates I make and cut out myself.
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  1. Brilliant tip and one I will definitely use. I bought those "expensive" dots in the quilt store and ran out all too soon. Thank you and your friend very much for shariing this. My two favorite rulers I use all the time for fabric and for papers NEED this tape! Happy Tipping...<3

  2. Great tip Daryl! I have used the dots and a couple other things but I'll definitely pick some of this up, what a great price.

  3. This is an excellent idea. I'm happy Bobbi shared it with you and you shared with us. I have tape but not the Curad brand. I'm putting on my shopping list for this weekend! Thanks, Daryl.


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