Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sweet Pea Saddle Bag & Ramona Mini Hipster Bag

I saw these 2 free bag patterns online and wanted to try making each one. The Sweet Pea Saddle Bag is a free pattern from Blue Calla Patterns and the Ramona Mini Hipster is a free pattern from Swoon Sewing Patterns.

 I was drawn to the Sweet Pea Saddle Bag because I love this style of bag. I wanted to make one first and see if the size was good for me. It's a smaller bag and while most women would like this size bag, I need something a bit larger for all the stuff I need to carry with me, so I will enlarge this pattern to suit my own needs and make this one again! I do love how it came out.
I made this bag with an adjustable strap.

I had a Southwest button cover, so I attached it to the front of this bag.

I added a Chicago Screw to each side of the bag. This is the first time I ever used Chicago Screws. I heard they were easier to install than rivets, so I bought some.

Inside is a zippered pocket. I used blue gingham for the lining.

The back of the bag you can see my main fabric better here. I love this fabric, but only had a small amount of it, so I had to use a different fabric for the flap and the strap. But all the blues worked so well together you would have thought I chose these fabrics on purpose, right? LOL!

Next is another blue fabric bag, the Ramona Mini Hipster by Swoon Patterns. This is a small bag and great for those women who love small bags. I have this one in a gift shop for sale right now.
This bag has 2 fabrics sewn to create an interesting design on the front and back. I added a fancy zigzag stitch over the seams.

The bag has a top zippered closure. On my zipper pull here I used a small key ring to make it easier to grab a hold of for zipping.

Here is the zippered top closure.

I used a pale green print for the lining and the bag strap. There is a hint of this same green in the blue fabric print on the outside of the bag. Again, I didn't have enough of the fabric to make the strap, so chose another fabric that went well with the fabrics on the exterior and then carried the same green into the lining too.

The strap is adjustable.
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  1. That SW button is perfect!! Did you find the screws easier than rivets? I love the look of rivets but haven't used them as they look like something I'd mess up nicely.

  2. Oh my goodness, Daryl. Both bags are gorgeous. I love the button cover on the saddle bag. I'm sure the mini hipster will sell quickly.

  3. Daryl Dear you certainly are the Queen of "Bag Ladies". LOL. Your fabric selections are BLUEtiful. I love the conch on the front of the one bag. Happy Selling of the mini hipster. Lovely bags as always dear. Hoppy Easter...<3

  4. Such cute bags! I have used the blue on the flap on some quilts before. It's like an old friend.


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