Friday, April 28, 2017

Sewing Machine Covers

I needed a couple of sewing machine covers for a couple of machines I have that were cover less for too long! I had made a few blocks from the Splendid Sampler Blocks that were sewing related applique blocks and so decided these would be perfect one cover. I did a Mystery BOM from Deana's blog, Dreamworthy Quilts in 2014, and thought I should use some blocks from that BOM to make the other machine cover. I actually made these 2 machine covers double sided, so that when I pick them up I can just put them back without having to determine what side it the front. That way they look different once in a while.

Pat Sloan from the Splendid Sampler is having a contest using one block right now, so I am linking my cover there. I did use 2 blocks, so maybe I will be disqualified? I thought I would share them in her linky anyhow. I enjoyed making all these blocks and the sewing machine covers too.
I used 2 blocks from the Splendid Sampler to make this side of the sewing machine cover.

This is the other side of the cover. It is a block from Deana's Quilter's Garden Mystery BOM.

This block was also from Deana's Quilter's Garden Mystery BOM. Dresden rotary cutter.

The other side of this cover is the same Dresden rotary cutter in different colors.

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  1. Good morning Daryl - VERY COOL project!!

  2. I love these. the pictures are so whimsical and fun. this is a great use for these images because you can really enjoy them and there not lost in a large quilt. I would smile looking at them every time I would sit down to use my machine if I had covers that were that adorable. great job. of course all your little touches of embroidery and choice of fabrics make it even nicer.

  3. Those covers are just perfect! What a great use of orphan blocks.

  4. It's the return of "Lil Miss Sew & Sew"! As Tara says, I love your use of fun images in your quilting projects; it makes them so much more personal and unique. Someone should really open up a shop with that name...

  5. These are DARLING!! I especially love those Dresden rotary cutters. Way too stinkin' cute! I need to make covers for my serger and coverstitch machines, as well as for two Featherweights. But I never use the one I made for my main Bernina machine, because I'm always SEWING with that one!

  6. Sew very clever of you to use your quilt blocks in your machine covers. I love that they are two-sided for change-ups. Great cheerful covers you have created. May Marches Along...


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