Monday, May 1, 2017

Bloom Quilt

I finished my Bloom quilt (from Lori Holt's sew along). I did fusible applique and stitched with machine stitches around each flower, leaf and stem. I also set my block differently, added a few butterflies and added a border of applique flowers that I reduced in size. I spent a lot of time making this quilt top and then I let a long arm quilter do custom quilting on it. I am sorry to say I was not pleased with her custom quilting. As you can see from the close-ups, the stitching wasn't what I expected at all. I did tell the quilter and she did refund my money, but that doesn't really fix the quilting problem. Since I did fusible applique there would have been holes left in the fabric if I had ripped it out. I will admit I never used this quilter before (I usually quilt my own quilts) and I never asked to see her custom quilting before having her quilt it, so that was my fault and a lesson learned! She also quilted another quilt with a pantograph and that turned out very nice. Anyhow, here is my version of the Bloom quilt. Overall I do love the look of this quilt.

The quilter quilted a meander around the white in the border, which is okay.

The quilter said she would match thread colors to fabric colors, but she didn't do that in several places and her free motion quilting wasn't the best. I can see where she started and stopped too. If the thread color had matched the fabric this wouldn't be so noticeable. After all the work I put into this quilt top, the quilting sure didn't enhance the quilt at all. 

Not very even quilting around these shapes.

Here she stitched up the stem and into the leaf and back up the stem, leaving a gap on both sides of the stem, She should have at least stitched back down the stem instead of leaving a gap. There are other places on this quilt I could point out too, but you get the idea, Make sure you see a long arm quilters work BEFORE having her quilt your quilt, especially if it's custom quilting! You pay more for custom quilting and you should expect a quilter's best work.

From a distance I love the look of this quilt. 

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  1. Good morning Daryl, I love the variety of stitches you did around your applique! I can see where the quilter must not have had her "A" game going. It is a pretty quilt though!

  2. The quilt really is pretty. I understand your frustration with the long-armer, after spending so much time with the piecing and the quilting be sub-par. But it is like you said, it isn't noticeable from a distance.

  3. Could you perhaps add more background fills behind the flowers to spruce it up a bit. I think she should have stayed off the flower and SID around each one instead. The quilt itself is very pretty.

  4. What a pretty and happy quilt! Love the little details added!

  5. This is a beautiful quilt and we can hear how unhappy you are that the quilter made it less beautiful, instead of more. I agree, the quilting is below par and I'm glad you got your money back. And the quilt does look fantastic if one doesn't look closely at the quilting.

  6. Oh, what a shame. Your applique is so beautifully and carefully done. If you were happy with her panto quilting, my guess is that she just hasn't done enough custom quilting to develop that skill set. I'm glad she refunded your money, because she should be practicing on her own time -- and on her own quilts! -- rather than on an applique quilt that a customer has put so much time, money and care into constructing. Nevertheless, it's a beautiful quilt and most people who see it will probably not look as closely at the quilting as you do as the maker. Hey, I have an idea for you. On those applique shapes like the red heart and the blue flower where the contrasting thread makes the shoddy quilting so obvious, why not carefully color the quilting stitches with a Pigma pen or other ultra fine point permanent fabric marker? I do that on machine embroidery projects when I have a bit of white bobbin thread showing on the right side. It works like a dream to make those stitches disappear into the background.

  7. Very lovely! All your flowers are quite pretty together. And the border is such a beautiful finish! Have a nice day!

  8. Such a shame about the quilting, Daryl. The quilt top you have made is beautiful. I love the different flowers.

  9. I am so sorry your beautiful quilt has been quilted so poorly. The design you created is lovely. Happy Month of May Dear...<3


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