Monday, May 8, 2017

Log Cabin Table Runner & Quilt

I found some log cabin quilt blocks in my UFO box from years and years ago. I had 2 sizes of blocks and so separated them out into 2 piles. Not only were the sizes different, but the smaller pile was brighter fabrics. I didn't want to make more blocks, so the bright log cabins I made into a table runner. The other log cabin blocks were from a group I used to belong to where we made and exchanged quilt blocks. I never did anything with those blocks, so I laid them all out on my floor and used all but 2 blocks, because I didn't want to make more blocks and in order to use them all I would have needed to make more blocks. It will be nice as a baby quilt and I used polyester batting that was a bit lofty, so I did a simple diagonal quilting on it.

Log Cabin Table Runner

Log Cabin baby size quilt

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  1. Your Log Cabin Table Runner is beautiful and such a great use of some orphaned blocks. That baby quilt is stunnning! How clever of you to put your previously made blocks to such a wonderful project. Some baby will be very comforted. Happy Month of May Dear...<3

  2. Very nice blocks, Daryl. I love the table runner and the quilting you did on the baby quilt. These blocks were a great find in your UFO box.

  3. these are wonderful. log cabin blocks are some of my favorites they are so versatile and I love how you used them. great job on both.

  4. Good Morning Daryl! How nice to get those log cabin blocks out of your closet and into use. Really nice job! ~smile~


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