Sunday, May 28, 2017

Alphabet Quilt Pattern New Updated Version

After 17 years, I thought it was high time to update my Alphabet Quilt Pattern. The original Alphabet Quilt pattern that I wrote 17 years ago, along with the updated supplement is now all in one pattern for sale on So you can make the new updated Alphabet Quilt or the original Alphabet Quilt or a combination of the 2. If you purchased the original pattern from me on Craftsy, you will receive an update notice and you will be able to download the pattern for no additional cost, since you already purchased the pattern.

I started making the updated quilt a year and a half ago and got most of it done, but then life got in the way and the writing of the pattern took me so much longer to finish. But I got it done at last! While I made this new version in girly colors and hearts, you could make the updated version in boyish colors and use one or more of the original pattern's applique motifs instead of hearts.

The Patchouli Moon Studio header of my blog was made using my own Alphabet Quilt pattern, so if you can spell a word or more, you can create all kinds of quilts with this versatile pattern. (Hint, hint, lol!!!)

I had a long arm quilter quilt this new version with a heart pattern. I used a soft flannel for the backing fabric. *I am selling this version of the pink and purple quilt. Scroll down to the end if you are interested.

The new updated Alphabet Quilt.

Flannel backing that is an alphabet print, plus a polka dot border because I didn't have enough of the alphabet fabric, lol! You can see the heart quilting better here too.

I would love to see what you make using my pattern (old or new version). Please email me a photo or 2 if you make this quilt.

*If you are interested in purchasing the pink and purple updated version of the Alphabet Quilt (the quilt itself, not the pattern), I have it listed in my Etsy Shop. The pattern is available for sale on Craftsy and Makerist.
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  1. How quickly time flies...seventeen years! Lovely Alphabet quilt now and then when you created your Patchouli-Moon-Studio quilt and showcase it for your blog banner. Love the girly pink and hearts! Alphabet Quilt Bliss...<3

  2. I love this pattern, I have the original and have used it in big and small projects. its fun to spell out projects. I have my family name in a long version and I've done little postcard versions for birthdays as well. I've also used it in pillows. Great pattern and I love seeing the updated version as well.


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