Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Doll Quilts

The quilt guild I belong to is making doll quilts for charity. A woman in our group is collecting the doll quilts for the needy to go along with some cute wooden doll beds that her husband makes. They also buy a small stuffed doll from the dollar store and give the whole set (doll, bed and quilt) to the needy for the holiday season. The quilts are around a size of of a sheet of computer paper (8 1/2" x 11") or a bit larger is okay too. I made these 9 quilts that I donated and have 6 more that I am working on right now. Here are the quilts that I have made and donated so far:
I quilted a flower, but you can barely see it.

Using up some pink and green scraps. I did a wavy quilting in variegated thread.

Someone donated a few fabric "paper dolls" and some fabric that had the clothes for them. Looks like she started to make a couple of the dolls for using as paper dolls, but gave up and donated it. So I grabbed them because I thought these would make darling doll quilts with dolls appliqued on the quilts. I used fabric Mod Podge to glue the dolls in place and quilted in invisible thread around the doll. I also fused a dress on top of her because she was just in her undies, lol!!! I cut out some butterflies from the leftovers I had used for the backing fabric and added them to the front. I am making 6 more of these doll quilts right now with different dolls and dresses.

3 doll quilts in green and pink fabrics. To make these faster, I didn't make a binding, just sewed right-sides-together, turned, pressed and then quilted them.

Straight quilting on this one.
I was experimenting using scrap strips and scrap batting strips and zigzagging them together to make this quilt.

Same on the front and back.

The bottom quilt was partially pieced leftovers I put together.

The back is the same on the blue quilt, but the pink and green and white quilt I added this zigzag flannel for the back.

Free form wavy quilting.

Leftover pieces from another project I was working on, so I cut them into rectangles for this doll quilt.

More leftover scraps from a project. These rectangles are much smaller like 1 1/4" cut size in width. I added a border to this quilt to make it large enough.

Meander quilting.

All squares in greens with quilted flowers.
Closer look at the flower quilting I did.
I will have more doll quilts to share after I finish making the next batch of them. These are a great way to use up those never ending pile of scraps! It's also a fun way to practice quilting designs and test out color combinations of fabrics too.
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  1. Great quilts, but the paper doll applique is adorable! (Reminds me of that little doll you featured a while back.) I also really like the flower quilting pattern on the green quilt. Do you have a favourite "type" of quilting that you prefer doing?

  2. wow Daryl its like an assembly line at your house. your really cranking them out. I LOVE the "doll" doll blanket what a cleaver idea to add the clothes and mod podgy. So the whole doll is paper? that is brilliant. great job and I know the kids will love these.

  3. very cute -- that's the kind of project I love to do -- short and sweet!

  4. What a good reason to do some stitching. Cute little quilts that will give the doll and its new owner some comfort.

  5. What a great idea! Your doll quilts are so cute and fun.


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