Monday, November 16, 2015

Wool Felt Brooch

I recently taught a class at the local library for making an easy felt embroidered ornament. Next month I will be teaching a super fast and easy last-minute gift project to make: a fabric covered button. I will bring a variety of colorful fabric for the people taking the class to choose from and they will cover a button in fabric and then if they want to make the button into a magnet, they can hot glue the magnet to the back of the button. These buttons have a flat back surface, not a shank (which is for sewing them on). Or they can just glue the button onto anything they desire.

So I combined the 2 class projects into one, and created a felted brooch instead of an ornament, then glued the button I created in the center (no magnet) of the felt flower. I wrote a name on the button (wrote it on the fabric before it became a button) and gave it to the librarian who works there. I used to work with Tracie when I worked at the library myself and I wanted to give her a little something. Plus that way she could show the button to anyone who might want to sign up for the button class.
Fabric button with name written on it and then I added a hot fix crystal to dot the "i" in her name.
Wool felt with embroidered stitches and a few hot fix crystals with fabric button glued in the center. I sewed an alligator clip to the back so that it can be clipped onto clothing or a clipboard or a bag, etc.
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  1. How cool that you go back and teach classes at the this an ongoing regular gig for you? Oh, and this button looks almost good enough to eat!


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