Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Fancy Stitched Handbag Has Been Featured by 2 Blogs!

On Monday my Companion Carpet Bag with the fancy stitched pockets was featured over at Cheryl's blog Sew Can Do. Tuesday (today) Connie of Freemotion by The River featured my bag. Woo hoo, what a thrill! Thank you ladies for featuring my bag. And thank you Samantha Hussey for a wonderful bag pattern too.

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  1. Daryl when you are good you are GOOD! Congratulations on your feature on both blogs. Your special and unique style is what people like to see. Creative Bag Bliss...

  2. Congrats, Daryl. Well deserved!

  3. Way to go, Daryl... your technique is a brilliant example of what you can accomplish when you have the patience to go along with the creativity. (I may have some of the latter, but the former is in short supply... LOL!)


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