Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Snazzy Slouch Bag

I made the Snazzy Slouch Bag, a pattern by ChrisW Designs, at the end of September. I sewed decorative machine stitches, yarn and buttons to the outside pockets on the front and the back. There are 4 outside slip pockets. The embroidered pockets got so thick for this bag that I had a hard time sewing through the layers when putting it all together. I will only do decorative stitches on certain style bags that I know won't get this thick. (A lesson learned).
Here is one side view.
Here is the other side view.

I opted not to make the inside divider pocket that is a zippered pocket that divides the inside of the bag in half. I just added some slip pockets inside.
This is the other side.
Bottom of bag.
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  1. Very nice bag, Daryl. The decorative stitches make it fun.

    1. Hello Daryl. You have truly found your unique style and it is magical. I love the combination of fabrics and decorative stitches. My very favorite touch is the little buttons in the scallop stitching. Happy Thanksgiving Dear...

  2. Sweet bag! I ought to make myself experiment more with decorative stitches. I NEVER do that, but your results are fantastic. I've found you through the Sew Many Ways linky party. Mine is the black thumbnail (grrrr) #29. I promise it looks adorable! :D

  3. I f found you through a slinky party also. I absolutely love this bag and your decorative stitches, buttons, etc. I swore no new blogs, but I had to add you to my list!

  4. Your bag turned out really pretty. Mixing the machine embroidery with hand embroidery gives it a lot of interest.

    Thanks for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party!


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