Monday, November 23, 2015

When Knitting Goes Bad!

I decided to use up some more misc. yarn and knit a small throw suitable for a child. The instructions have you start knitting in the round from the center and place markers evenly spaced around, which indicates where you need to make increases as the throw grows larger with each knit round. As you accumulate more and more stitches on the throw, it is hard to see what it will actually look like because the knitting gets rather bunched up around the circular knitting needle. So it wasn't until I bound off the knitting from the needles that I noticed my mistake! Big mistake! Well I wasn't going to rip it all out, so I donated it. While it doesn't lie flat, some child can still cuddle up with it. I may as well share the good I make here along with the bad. Perhaps someone will learn from my mistake? I know I certainly won't make this mistake again, lol!!!
The color that looks blue in the photo is actually royal purple! The dark color is navy blue.
You can see the center doesn't lie flat. Look around at the 4 wedges, you can see the one on the left is the smallest wedge and the wedge to the right of that is the largest. Somehow I must have counted wrong and placed my markers in the wrong place and so as I increased the one wedge grew larger than the rest and that meant one wedge was smaller and because they weren't even the throw won't lie flat.
The smallest wedge here.
The largest wedge here.

I might make another one of these throws using up some more yarn, but I will PAY ATTENTION to what I am doing next time!!! Live and learn, right?
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  1. Beautiful yarn Daryl. Interesting pattern. I knitted a market bag for my daughter and you started from the center and worked out. The method I used was Emily Ocker's Beginning. I found a YouTube video which was very helpful. Not sure if it would help with this project or not.

  2. Aw that's a shame! Otherwise it would be a cute blanket! But you know what--a cold person won't care, as long as it's a warm blanket :)

  3. Well, I'm not a knitter, but you know what I say: if you can't fix it, feature it! And you did... ;-) In all seriousness, particularly at this time of the year, there are probably (and sadly) lots of folks who can use some additional warmth. It will do the job.

  4. Ha, we've all done something similar, call it an art quilt now. I was knitting last night trying to whip up a quick washcloth. I miss read the pattern and instead of P2 tog I P2. lets just say I did a lot of blocking to fix the problem and it still is a bit wonky. As knitters we should never be over confident. I think your little throw looks great, just drape it over something and no one will know the difference.


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