Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fabric Coiled Bowls Galore

I made some more fabric coiled bowls. I had sold some other bowls a couple of weeks ago and was asked to make a bowl in blue, so I made some more bowls. I actually made 3 blue ones so she could choose the one she liked best. I enjoy making these and using up scraps of fabrics.

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  1. They are all very pretty. Hard to choose a favorite. These will make a great gift. I could see one sitting on a table holding knitting yarn...yeah, like MY table :)

  2. The top blue one is just beautiful. Love those colours.

    1. Hello Daryl. My ability to comment still remains a mystery however I am able to do so by using reply on another comment. (Thank you Pam). Your fabric coiled bowls are always stunning and unique. You know how much I LOVE blue and these are BLUEtiful.

  3. I love these bowls and I can see why the blue is so popular. you made me realize that you can use the softer clothesline and it comes out beautifully. I always struggle with the really firm cord so I think I want to try some of the other somewhat flatter cotton clotheslines. great job and lovely color. I'm so glad more have sold.

  4. Beautiful Daryl!! That is another thing on my to-do list.......some day :)

  5. Thank you for showing me something new!


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