Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Selvage Zipper Pouches

I have a HUGE bag of selvages I have collected over the years. I even made an extra large zippered bag out of selvages to store my cut selvages inside the bag. That bag was stuffed full, so it was time to make some zippered pouches to use up some of my selvages. I love the names on the selvages and sometimes there are fun shapes besides just the usual colored dots that show the colors of the fabric. There are 6 bags, 5 the same size and one a bit smaller and they are all lined with the same print, so I only showed the inside of one bag, since they are all the same. Even though it looks like more than 6 bags here, I am showing the front and the back of each bag, since they have different selvages sewn in place.
One side...
...and the other side of the same bags. See the bag on the left has a star burst shape (near the top) to show the colors in that fabric instead of the usual circles. I love those different shapes, but you don't see them very often.
Side one...
...side 2 of the same bags.
I used the same lining fabric for all 6 bags.
Side one...
...side 2 of the same 2 bags.
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  1. Hi Daryl, these are fabulous!! Great Christmas gifts for sure:) TFS

  2. I love selvages too! I havent' made anything from mine yet, I haven't collected enough. I like your bags, you know I love purses, bags and totes as much as you!!!


  3. I've been saving selvedges, too, but have yet to make anything. Your pouches look great, Daryl.

  4. These are all wonderful! Zip pouches are one of my favorite ways to use up selvages, and yours look fantastic!

  5. And to think we used to either throw selvages away or use that fabric edge as part of a seam. Your zippered pouches are wonderful dear.


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