Thursday, November 19, 2015

Colorful Scrappy Fabric Coiled Bowls

I made some fabric Coiled Bowls using some scraps of fabric. I love how colorful they are and by using scraps in a variety of colors, I never quite know how they will turn out, so it's always fun to see the end result.

This one is larger because I had some cording that was a bit smaller in diameter that I want to use up, so I made a larger bowl.

I flipped this one upside down to show it from a different angle.
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  1. Very nice bowls! I can see how you can get addicted onaking these.

  2. These are sooo cool Daryl! i just recently learned about fabric coiled bowls and found a tutorial on Pinterest. Yours are wonderful! I love how the colors change as you wind around.

  3. I see Christmas in the first photo and its glorious colors. Your coiled bowls are beautiful dear.

  4. These are cool. Such beautiful colors.


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