Monday, May 5, 2014

Bag-of-the-Month for May~ The Poolside Tote

The Poolside Tote is the bag for the month of May and it's a great looking super roomy tote! Designed by Anna Graham of Noodlehead. You don't need a pool or even the beach to enjoy this fabulous bag. I'll use this tote for my new library bag and for schlepping stuff to the groups I belong to. Lol!!

As usual I made a few changes. I did add fusible fleece to my bag and interfacing to the lining fabric, since I still felt they needed more substance to the bag, even though I used home decor weight fabrics. I wanted a closure to the bag, so I made a tab with a magnetic snap closure. If I make the bag again I might just add the magnetic snap to the lining without adding a tab. I also added an inside pocket and I chose to add both the slip in pocket as well as the zipper pocket. I added the zipper pocket on the the back of the bag. I sewed the swivel hook for holding keys to the inside of the bag instead of the outside of the bag.
If you want to see all the bags that were made from others go to the Flickr Group here. Check Flickr often because new bag photos are added often.
Front of the tote with the slip pocket. I added the tab with the magnetic snap closure.
The back of the tote with the zippered pocket.
The pocket I made for the interior of the bag. I sewed 2 pen pocket dividers on the right.
Swivel hook I added to the inside of the bag to hold my keys.
Side view of the tote.

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  1. Love your additions. This bag was fun because it did lend itself to being personalized for the user. I may make my second one a little different as well.

  2. This is a wonderful bag for any purpose. I always love your variations that definitely improve the usefulness of a bag. Great fabrics too. Now for the pool and some well deserved relaxing. Creative Bag Bliss...

  3. Love the fabric you used!!
    I can't believe your done already!! I think out and Marilyn never sleep!! LOL

  4. WOW, when I looked at the first photo I saw myself at the pool under an umbrella with the tote next to me. the colors you chose really give it that "fun in the sun" feel. I like the way the handle is curved its a great look. of course all your little touches makes the bag a lot more functional. the cut out in the front with your flap closure gives the bag a very unique look. Your sewing of course is fantastic, its all very professional looking.
    great job,

  5. Neat bag. I like the colors and fabric.

  6. That was quick Daryl. I'm way behind as usual. Love your bag and the changes you made. I really like the closure you made, it finishes it off perfectly. The fabrics are lovely too. Thanks for mentioning about the batting and interfacing. I think I'll use them too on my bag as I'm not keen on floppy bags.

  7. Beautiful lining fabric and I do like your addition of the swivel hook. Looks like a very roomy bag.


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