Friday, May 23, 2014

Strip Piece Challenge is Coming Soon...

Denise over at Pieced Brain is challenging us to use our strips of scrap pieces of fabrics (try saying that 3 times fast, lol!!!). Her challenge is on May 28th. We link up our posting to her blog on May 28 to share what we made using our fabric strips. There is plenty of time to make something if you want to participate. You can make anything as long as you use your fabric scraps that are cluttering up your scrap bins, boxes, bags, etc. Go here to find out more about her challenge and see what prizes that you can win too! Denise has shared a few things in her various postings of what she has made using up her scraps of fabrics to give you some ideas. I made one thing already and I might try for making one more too.

If you are looking for my Weekend Link Party, please see the earlier posting below.
Pieced Brain
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  1. Hi Daryl its Shirley we havent chated in a bit, but now I see we will be in another linky party, I am doing the strip easy too.. also I saw you asked Mara on Secretly Stitching what EPP, its English Paper Piecing, like all the Hexigones you see every where.. I made this table runner and I need a vote and I will show you on my blog. See ya later and around.. have a great weekend.

  2. I shall look forward to your strip project. Happy Safe Weekend...

  3. Hi Daryl, I was stopping by to wish you a wonderful weekend with your family:)


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