Sunday, December 8, 2013

For Bag Lovers...

This is straight from Sara's blog Sew Sweetness~

Introducing the Bag of the Month Club!!

6 of the best bag sewing pattern designers in the business are teaming together to bring you a 6-month membership club. The club runs from January-June of 2014. Each month, you will receive an exclusive and brand-new pdf bag sewing pattern from that month's designer, delivered directly to your inbox. If you are familiar with even one of the designers, then you know that you can expect a high-quality and easy-to-understand sewing pattern each month! In addition to that, we'll also be sharing with you our personal tips and tricks to bag-making!

If you love to make bags (like I do) then head on over to Sew Sweetness and you will find all the details and who the bag designers are (they are all awesome!) and if you sign up during December and you save $5.00 off the already low price. I can't wait to see the bag are each month, can you?
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  1. Hi,
    this is very exciting, I will check out the website shortly.

  2. Thanks for sharing will have to check this out. Just got home a few days ago and wanted to pop by and say Hi! Love your needle holders, I don't knit but that looks like a wonderful idea to keep everything organized.


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