Thursday, February 1, 2024

(Purse) Flaps of Friendship for International Friendship Month

Hello my sweet friends. February is International Friendship Month and the Sew Powerful Purse Project group on Facebook had an optional thing to do to celebrate friendship which is called Flaps of Friendship. If you want to participate you sign up on the SP website and you will be sent a name and address of who to send your flap to. The cost to participate is $10 and that money goes to fill the purse with the hygiene items that the girl needs. You will also receive a completed flap from someone who got your name.  We also answer some questions so the recipient of your flap gets to know you a little. Maybe we make a friend whom we can continue to get to know through emails or maybe not? It's up to them.

I am sending this flap to someone in Washington state, but she is not on the Facebook group, so I don't know anything about her. 

I sure hope she emails me a photo of the finished purse she makes using the flap I made here. 

The Flap of Friendship I made. Pieced background, added appliqué, a button, & some crystals too.

Closer look.

Lining side of flap
This is the lining that I used that a friend recently gave to me. I thought it was a great choice for a lining.

If I see a photo of the finished purse using my flap, I will post it here later.

Mickey finished the purse from the flap I had sent her and it came out great! Thanks Mickey!

Mickey chose an orange and a floral fabric to complete the purse.

Inside is a pocket using both exterior fabrics too.

I will also share the flap I receive and the finished purse I make using the flap I get. So as soon as I get the flap, I will start working on the rest of the purse. 

Happy Sewing!

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  1. what a great idea, i hope the person you sent this to sends you a photo. i love the font you used for your letters you always so such a great job when you add words.

  2. Love those "flower power" purse flaps, Daryl. Such fun!! Thanks for linking up with Monday Musings!!


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